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Capt. Alejandro Ponce

Capt. Alejandro Ponce has over 25 years of experience as an Airline Pilot and has an impressive experience being Training and Operations Postholder at several Airlines. He flew the MD 80, Boeing 767 and is currently flying the Airbus 320 in China. As a founder and General Manager of Pilotmovers he is in charge of the agency and supports our customer Airlines but he also maintains close contact with all our pilots. Readily available for you 24/7 he will be delighted to answer your questions and find a solution to your problems.


Our Research & Development Team


Our R&D Team comprises two branches. The Creative Group and the Action Group.

The Creative Group gathers impressive amounts of information about the market, our clients and is comprised of two

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aviation industry researchers. They have a strong background on computers, maths and statistics and are based in the UK. We first gather data related to the customer using top level exclusive aviation industry information. All this is analyzed and we fill the need of our customer providing the perfect solution delivering the right strategy or product.

The Action Team is formed by several experienced and highly professional Pilot Instructors, Examiners, Line Captains together with some of the brightest First Officers, Engineers and Programers who are in charge of different projects being developed for the Airlines on demand.

Be it an EFB implementation for your Airline, fuel saving program, a CRM course, provide line training or starting your Airline’s Flight & Training Department Pilotmovers R&D Team is the reliable tool you need to achieve what you want.

Just let us know what you need, and we will do the rest.

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