Berlin Roadshow for Captains Rated >5000H TFT all Ratings

Company Name Roadshow Berlin B737 Captains

Shanghai, China

Date Posted September 6, 2017
Category Captain
Job Type B737
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Don’t miss out on this event!! SUPARNA Airlines has the biggest project in China Aviation for the moment.

With an firm order on 200 (!) 787 Aircraft, of which the first are expected from this december, Suparna is looking for rated captains, but also non-rated captains with over 5000H on commercial Aircraft, are accepted to join the event.
Training schedule to upgrade on B737/B747/B777 and B787 will be covered at the event as well as detailed information on the CCQ will be explained by the Suparna Staff in Berlin.

In addition to the above, our key speaker on the event will be PilotMovers General Manager Alejandro Ponce Lang-Lenton. Captain Alejandro has flown in China for the last 6 years and he is always happy to share his experiences.
Interested ? Leave us a short message and fill out the attached Expression form of interest, in order to advise you better.

Hoping to meeting you soon in Berlin !
PilotMovers Recruitment Team