South Korea

Fly in South Korea

From the rolling green fields of Boseong to experience the past and present of Korea visiting Seoul or enjoy the aroma of mandarin orange hanging in the air at Jeju island, South Korea can be an exciting country to live and work. The standard of living is very high and the country is quite westernized.

Years of rapid economic development propelled the country into becoming the world’s 12th largest trading partner. Korea’s industrial base shifted from agriculture to manufacturing and is now shifting to services. A global force in a number of significant industries, including automobiles, petrochemicals, electronics, shipbuilding, textiles, and steel.

South Korea tends to have a humid continental climate and a humid subtropical climate as it ir affected by the East Asian monsoon.

Base Cities


By mwiththeat

Seoul is one of Asia’s most popular destinations, this is a city that never sleeps. It has as lots of great shopping destinations, great nightlife and good places to relax while you experience Korean culture going to the Jimjilbang.

You will be delighted by Korean cuisine tasting some of the emost famous dishes like Kalguksu, which has rich soup broth and delicious chewy noodles.