Is it true that the chinese medical examination is very tough?

It is a fact that the medical exam in China is stricter than in other countries. This applies to most countries in Asia, however PilotMovers provides you everything you need to know to get you through the medical in China.

Are personal interviews for chinese airlines including any technical questions?

Chinese airlines usually do not include any technical interview in their screening process. The Interview will be merely a personal approach and a way to check the consistency and veracity of your documents, experience and background.

What should I study to prepare for the chinese ATPL exam?

To prepare your ATPL test, you should review the PilotMovers preparation guide. That will make your study very efficient and save a lot of time.

How can I prepare my simulator assessment?

As a pilot we understand that the SIM is one of the main items you want to prepare well and you should, especially if you haven’t been flying the line recently.

We will give you concise and detailed information about the main highlights you have to review and some expertise tips. This will improve your preparation and your confidence during the screening process.