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Research is knowledge, knowledge is the key for success.

airline-logos-2 Pilotmovers is the new generation aviation consultancy agency. The only one with an in-house Research and Development Team.


Because we believe no customer is the same, and each airline has very specific needs requiring different recruiting strategies and product solutions.

This is the reason why we invested in an R&D Team providing not only revolutionary products tailor-made to our customers but also gathering impressive amounts of information about you that enable us to better integrate the processes and departments within your Airline.

Research is knowledge, knowledge is the capstone for success. All this research allows us to know what is needed and solve your problem in a matter of weeks if not days. We first gather data related to the customer profile not only by contacting your Recruitment, Flight Operations, Human Resources, Maintenance and Training Departments but also running a case study using top level exclusive aviation industry information. Amongst the information we review is the company profile, financial reports, fleet, orders, route network, systems, manpower needs and customer & market related news. All this is analyzed and we provide a solution by matching the airline needs with the right strategy in close contact with the customer.

May we share a real case?

China has an impressive pilot shortage, but also one of the most difficult Pilot License validation processes. Several clients were in a great need for pilots, grounding airplanes and canceling flights resulting in huge losses. The issue was not a matter of bad terms and conditions offered to pilots. The problem was contract agencies had a lack of knowledge about this particular market. We are proud to say that thanks to our revolutionary methods, we analyzed, understood and targeted our client problems achieving an impressive milestone. Having the highest license validation rates and customer satisfaction. We delivered all the pilots required in the given timeframe not only fulfilling the airline manpower demand but also exceeding the customers’ expectations in terms of the quality of air crew delivered.

Pilotmovers, your reliable business partner.

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