Our PilotMovers Roadshow for Suparna Airlines is a success !

A great start of our 2 day Roadshow for Suparna Airlines in Madrid, explaining the new contract 2018 for both TR and NTR rated captains to upgrade towards B737/B747/B787 Aircraft and receiving first hand information on how it is to work, live and fly in China from Alejandro Ponce, Captain and pilot in China for over 7 years.

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Chongqing Airlines NEW Terms and Conditions Available now !

Chongqing Airlines, as daughter company of Xiamen Airlines and China Southern, operates from Chongqing Jianbei international Airport, and operates currently 23 A320 Aircraft and expanding to 30 by the end of 2018.

Daily operations are for 90% returning to the base, permitting the pilots to return to their base each day.

You may consult here the Chongqing Airlines Brochure, revised with the current conditions.

Any questions? Please contact pilotsuccess@pilotmovers.com


Suparna Airlines Presentation Madrid: January 12-13

PilotMovers is hosting this roadshow presentation on behalf of Suparna Airlines, looking for Captains to reinforce their Boeing fleet B737/B747/B787.

Profiles over 5000H total on commercial aircraft and minimum 500 PIC on > 20 tons are considered to join the Airline !

Reversed Duty Roster pattern possiblities and easy commuting options on the B747 freighter, makes this very attractive to pilots to apply.

Interested to have more info?

Apply via our jobpost or write us: pilotsuccess@pilotmovers.com


Roadshow Berlin November 16-17 SUPARNA AIRLINES

Stay Informed on this exclusive Roadshow for all Captains  with over 5000H Total Flight Time !

PilotMovers is coming to Berlin with an exclusive presentation for all rated Captains on CRJ, Embraer, A320, A330, A350, A380,B737/ B767/B777/B747.

PilotMovers and Suparna Airlines will host this event and explain all about what you can expect to go through the screening with the airlines.

Screening with Suparna Airlines will be possible on B 737-800 SIM, to assess your general flying skills just after the presentation. slots are conveniently booked in the afternoon.

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Updated Conditions for Westair A320 Captains

Westair, our trusted Chongqing based Airline, has just released their updated terms for A 320 Captains.

If you would like to review them, please consult here.

You may always contact pilotsuccess@pilotmovers.com for tailored advice according to your needs & profile !


Spring Airlines New Roster Option

We are glad to announce the new Roster option 5ON/4OFF, recently approved by HR Department of Spring Airlines, allowing expat pilots a wider range of choice for commuting to their home countries.

The revised terms and conditions for A320 Captains at Spring Airlines can be consulted herunder:


Lucky Air New Terms and Conditions 2017

Lucky Air has just released its new terms and conditions for B737, A320 or A330 Captains !

Mail to: pilotsuccess@pilotmovers.com to receive the terms and conditions


We would like to inform you about our next European Roadshow with BCA (Beijing Capital Airlines) in Rome (Italy) on October 25th & 26Th 2016, and in Madrid (Spain) during October 27th, 28th & 29th 2016.

For our A320 Captains colleagues, we will be presenting the NEW & EXCLUSIVE contract with BCA. It even includes the possibility to upgrade to the A330 through a CCQ!!.

PilotMovers A320 Candidates will enjoy the best salary conditions available in the market right now plus the chance to have the best commuting deals including 6/2, 6/3 and even 4/4 (4 weeks ON, 4 weeks OFF)!. BCA has now a fleet of 49 A320’s and 2 A330’s and is one of the fastest expanding Airlines in the world with plans to reach 100 A320’s and 28 A330’s by 2019. PilotMovers is the fastest growing agency in the Chinese market by far, expecting to hold over 17% of the market by the end of this year.

Please, be aware that it is essential to fill up and email to us (customersupport@pilotmovers.com) the “Expression of Interest” application attached below to get a seat at the Roadshow.

We are hoping to welcoming you in Rome or Madrid !

Expression of Interest_PILOTMOVERS Application Form

New Spring Screening dates for 2016

Please read the following screening dates for Spring Airlines:

YEAR 2016:

August 29-Sept 2; Sept 19-23; October 17-21; November 14-18; December 12-16