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We act as headhunters looking for the right candidate for your open position. Our impressive pilot pool and database tool will allow us to rapidly answer to your needs in an efficient and professional manner. We might also act as your payroll tool if required.

We actively Recruit for you:

  • Managerial Positions
  • Type Rating Examiners TRE
  • Type Rating Instructors TRI
  • Line Supervisor Captains LSC-LTC
  • Line Captains CAPT
  • First Officers FO
  • Cabin Crew CC

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We do not just provide training. We deliver the best preparation package to our pilots. being familiar with Airline requirements and necessities we know what it takes to get the job done.

Pilotmovers Training Center is based in Shanghai Free Trade Zone and comprises a multimillion dollar investment in state of the art equipment. Our two Airbus 320 Full Flight Simulators made by Link 3 (Thales group) provide the best possible training tool for Initial Training or Flight License Renewals. We are also preparing an ab initio course in cooperation with an European FTO.

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Are you a job hunter contacting directly the airlines to get a job? If you are planning to apply for a position at your desired Airline but still prefer to have the security of a contract agency assisting you and providing access to medical insurance at competitive rates, travel benefits and payroll.
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