Yunnan Lucky Air Report

Yunnan Lucky…looking for dynamic individuals to fill the pilot positions, successful Captains can look forward to a rewarding career with this expanding airline, competitive remuneration, good benefits and flexible working patterns…they have been quite open to suggestions in order to make the contract quite attractive for foreigners. As we are also pilots, we know that not only a good salary and very good roster but also good company behaviour and plenty of benefits are necessary to make an attractive contract for our colleagues.…

This province is one of the most diverse in China, absolutely magnificent landscapes, no pollution and impressive alpine forests in the North and rain forests in the South making it the perfect place to raise a family.…

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China Pilot screening

Book 1
If you have a problem during your screening process or something comes up when you are already working, it is much better that somebody like us in China communicates personally with the airline or authorities on your behalf. Having some agency clerk who is not even a pilot miles away from China trying to figure out what is going on with your issue… Well good luck.

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How I became an expat pilot in China

Book 2
From the flight deck, China is a spectacularly diverse country, from snow dusted mountains to sun-washed beaches, through inhospitable deserts to the frozen tundra, this country has been dubbed the world’s most multidimensional, and I feel incredibly fortunate to enjoy this unbeatable life experience from my sunny office every day…

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Qingdao Airlines Report

Book 3
…I would also say it is the best corporate uniform I have seen so far. It is a classy airline, I think I would feel very proud to fly for them. The safety demonstration is displayed in the overhead screens, very well done and “user friendly”, those screens will also show your route map later on the flight… The magnificent coastline, the urban landscape, the diverse architectures predominantly in a European continental style, the former residences of famous historical and contemporary personages, and the modern facilities for vacation, convention and exhibition have made Qingdao a unique city, which blends Chinese and foreign tastes and integrates mountain and sea views with city landscape…

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