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Dear fellow Pilot,

We are taking off to January 2018 shortly, a New Year full of exciting challenges are waiting ahead !

If you ever considered flying towards new Horizons, and would like to know how it is to fly as a captain in China, then you surely can't miss our exclusive PilotMovers presentation for Suparna Airlines in Madrid next January 12th and 13th.

Find out all about Suparna Airlines without any commitment whatsoever !!

Grab a seat, sit back and know all about the Suparna opportunity and the big need in captains the carrier has, in order to be ready to fly Suparna Airlineshuge delivery of B747 and 787 aircraft over the next years. 30 of them are already scheduled to be delivered over 2018 & 2019 with another 100 aircraft following until 2025!!.

In this open event, we will cover all items such as the screening process, the NEW salary and roster conditions (see above link) and how to proceed to join the PilotMovers Team and this fast growing Airline.

Further more, any Airbus, CRJ or similar Type Rated Captain will have the opportunity to join the program and be granted a transition to either the B737, B747 or B787 fleets!!.

This make this one an unprecedented opportunity not to be missed.

Walk-ins are mostly welcome & you can take a fellow pilot along !

Hit the button below, to receive the agenda and venue details of the event

You can also WhatsApp us at +66 091 881 5040 (Alejandro Ponce) 24/7.

Wishing all our fellow Pilots Many Happy Landings in 2018 !!