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Hainan Airlines & PilotMovers will host an OPEN Roadshow in Ho Chi Minh next November 6th & 7th 2018 for A320, A330, A350, B787 & B777 Captains. The event will take place at Hotel IBIS Saigon Airport

The Roadshow will consist on a presentation by Hainan Airlines Managers regarding what you can expect working for this amazing Airline. Afterwards you will be able to ask any questions regarding the Contract, Roster, Taxes handling and much more. 

PilotMovers CEO Alejandro Ponce will be there with our Team to make another short presentation about the Agency, as well and for you to be able to ask how it is to live and fly in China, and specially what you can expect during the Screening process, including the Medical, ATPL written exam, Interview and simulator test. Alejandro has been flying in China for over 8 years as an A320 Expat Captain and will be happy to share his experience and know how with you.

HNA has been nominated an Global Skytrax 5 Star Airline for 7 consecutive years & the First Chinese Mainland Airline of Skytrax Top 10 ranking World Airlines. Not only that, stands as the number 3 Airline in the world in Safety by Jacdec and again the first one in China by far.

HNA has RIGHT NOW a fleet of 26 A330 (+9 more coming in 2018), 26 B787 (11 more coming in 2018), 162 B737NG & MAX (+19 more coming in 2018) and 4 A350 coming in 2018. To sustain the rapid growth of this incredible Airline, A320 (CCQ to A330 offered), A330, B777 (CCQ to B787 offered), B787 and B737NG Captains are accepted with a need of 100 in total Expat Captains needed just for 2018 to join the largest foreign pilots Division in China. 

PilotMovers offers the best service in China, being managed BY PILOTS, and with a clear set of values:

●Transparency. (we will tell you things as they are after flying and living in China for more than 8 years)

●24/7 support. (we will be there always for you, weekends or not. You will receive an answer within 24 hours to your needs)

●Global team (we have our Team Members spread around the world)

●Constant improvement and learning (the Kaizen concept is our DNA)

Want to know more?: simply email us at pilotsuccess@pilotmovers.com, WhatsApp at +660918815040, Wechat at alexpilotmovers or LinkedIn and you will have an answer within 24 hours, and will be able to find out why HNA & PilotMovers are your best choice to land the job of your dreams in China.

(Seats will fly fast and will be assigned on a first come first served basis)


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Learn how you can maximize your chances to land one of the best jobs in the world by taking advantage of PilotMovers amazing success ratio with no match in the industry!.

Want to know more?: 

Our Roadshow will be a totally OPEN EVENT. All we will ask from you is the confirmation that you are interested and able to attend on any of the dates provided.

Ready to join us?:

Please do state which day you would prefer to attend, November 6th and 7th. You can do so easily or change the date later on by sending us a WhatsApp / Wechat message or email to:

+66 091 881 5040 (WhatsApp)

alexpilotmovers (Wechat)

email us at : pilotsuccess@pilotmovers.com

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Hope to see you soon in Ho Chi Minh!